Saturday, November 12

I'd tried

I'd tried. Many times. And I failed. I know that everything is beyond my power, i'm such a little girl, with no power at all, nothing could be done to make things right. Maybe 'I'd tried' doesn't meant that we had tried the best, to the fullest. We neither don't know that we had done the best. What if we thought that we had done the best but actually we did not deserve that? Nah, life is so unpredictable, mysterious and full with unsolved questions. They say that everything happens for a reason, and I'm still searching for the reasons. I'm not giving up, but I realized that at one point, giving up is the only solution I have.The only thing I could think is that He didn't gave me what I really want, but He really really gave me what I really need.


Of chasing things that does not have the end.
And finally u realize that nothing gonna last long.


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